Top 5 at 5:00 (am) How to get that “Put-Off” Project Done

Do you ever close another day realizing that a project you want to do, but just don’t do,is still not done? Will it make you money? Will it give you satisfaction? Will it get your spouse off your back?!!

With some diligence and perseverance, this formula will complete your task. Regularly and on time.

First, make an estimate of how many hours you think it should take. If its a big project, like writing book, it might take a year.

If its smaller like, reading a novel you just seem to have a hard time finishing, it might take 20 hours.

Secondly, pick a time that works for you and dedicate an hour at the same time every day. It could be five days a week or seven.

Personally, 5:00 am works well for me. The house is quiet until 6:00, so I can concentrate without distractions. When I am writing, I can enjoy my coffee and peck away.

A great time to start

A great time to start

Thirdly, always have a list of the top five parts of the project you want to get done next, in order of importance. When you are nearly done with your hour for the day, save a couple of minutes to return your list to five again.

For example, if you are writing a blog(s), have the next blog subject figured out and a general outline along with a publish date.

Whatever the venture is, have a plan, have a time and never, never vary. The rewards are in the routine.

At the end of a year, should you choose to make the system a part of your routine, it may become a habit. Imagine how impressed you can become with yourself and your accomplishments.

Early is productive for me.

Early is productive for me.

And if the endeavors generate income, your checkbook will be heavier as well. If your goal was health or weight related, you may a changed person.


P.S. An e-book I had written was a stagnant fixture on the internet shelf. Using this method to market the book, it went from a thorn in my side to an income generator.



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