Marketing from the Top: The Essential Parts of a Business

As I was working on my 2015 Business Plan a few weeks ago, I made list of “business parts” to help guide me in my preparation of a comprehensive strategy. After some tinkering, I aligned them into the diagram below to describe how the essential parts of a business fit cohesively together:

Product, Management, & Finance are vital cornerstones of every business. Sales and customer service lead to successful marketing all while operating with integrity

As a marketing strategist/consultant, it made sense to me to make marketing the most important.  And I will explain my thinking.

There is no question that as the base of the triangle, Product, Management, and Finance are tremendously crucial. The owners and/or management get the ball rolling and are responsible for the basic business functions.

They form and motivate a team; they secure and/or create the products and make sure there is sufficient capital to keep things running smoothly.

Rising up the diagram is the sales team. Without sales there is no revenue, thus no need for customer service. Conversely, without excellent customer service, customers are hard to keep, making the sales efforts difficult at best.

However, without marketing, specifically a comprehensive marketing strategy, most businesses wither and die.  It IS imperative that a few key associates from the other divisions often are, and should be included in the marketing group.

At the center is the core of the business, Integrity. Integrity needs to guide every part of the organization.

Integrity needs to contribute to every decision made and dictate how any and every situation is handled. Integrity helps everyone involved sleep at night knowing they did the right thing.

A company which prefers stagnation and is satisfied with the status quo may laugh at this business model.

A company which strives for continuous and consistent growth, employee and customer satisfaction, and reaching annual profit increases will understand and utilize this business format. Each essential part of a business works together and relies on the other parts to form a cohesive, successful business from the top down.

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