The Attraction of Attraction Marketing



The Attraction of Attraction Marketing. 

Marketing for Baby Boomers from the couch.


Marketing and selling  has always been my passion.  But Attraction Marketing is just blowing my mind. It’s not that it’s so easy. Compared to the “olden days” it is so powerful!


Do you think I would would have liked to have the capabilities of the internet and all of the social media platforms available today thirty years ago when I started my first manufacturing company?  That would be a big huge YES!

You would not believe the hours and dollars I invested that could have been eliminated or reduced with the advantages of today’s technology.  That’s not to say todays marketing world is free.  However, when used properly, each dollar invested can be more effective. Each hour can produce greater results. ROI.

My Top Five Reasons to Love Attraction Marketing

1.  SPEED.

Pure and simple, an idea, a concept, a product can be brought into the marketplace so much more quickly.  Fifteen, twenty years ago it would take me weeks to penetrate my market with a new product or product line.

Yes, occasionally We would have a product like the Shad-Quack, my novelty fishing lure, where I could get on the phone and sell a bunch.  But mostly, either samples had to be sent or a brochure printed and mailed with follow up after that.

With AM, a regional or global market can be contacted and tested with in days, weeks or sometimes hours.  With some ingenuity and an experienced team, a new product or service can turn a profit quickly.  Maybe just as an importantly, a “bad idea” can be scrapped just as quickly.


The potential of target marketing in todays social media platforms is quite simply “AMAZING”!  Every demographic imaginable can be focused on and zeroed in on to reach the people who have the most likelihood to react positively to your ad.

And that means the potential for a higher and higher return on investment.  Your list can grow quickly with high  value prospects and clients.

A couple of years ago, a husband wanted to give his wife a birthday card via face book.  He was able to narrow the demographics so tightly, that only his wife saw his “ad”.

That’s targeting.

It means your list can be not only valuable for your core products, but affiliate products.  This maximizes your time, energy, and investment.  More profit more quickly for you and your organization.


Imagine having to wait weeks or months to measure results from A-B split testing using periodical advertising. This what was involved in the marketing techniques available years ago. It was excruciating. The follow-up was tedious and the ad options were few except for the bigger marketers.

Today you can test many different ideas in your ad design and product offering with a few clicks.  More importantly in my mind, is the ability to track and measure quickly and effectively.  As mentioned in number one, eliminating the bad is just as important accelerating the good.

You should remember this a one of your top marketing priorities. TEST.  TEST.  TEST. Test small changes. Test tall changes. Test all chugs. You can maximize profit with testing!

4. Prospects close themselves.  (They really do)

Looking for wildlife on the Misissippi R.

Looking for wildlife on the Misissippi R.

Selling is a pleasure for me. Ever since I won my first sales contests selling magazine subscriptions in junior high.

The thrill of taking a prospect from the no, to maybe, to starting to sound good, to yes let’s do it is exhilarating.  Of course, then I would always try to make sure they reached their highest potential at the time.  Or pave the way for future sales or referrals.

However, I love it even more when the phone rings or an email comes in saying YES.  Let’s do it!

Attraction Marketing provides that type of sale on a regular automated basis.  Your marketing funnel gets setup.  Questions get answered. A relationship is nurtured with phone conversations, webinars and emails.  Maybe even a mailed piece when appropriate and/or available.

You are able to have a totally automated system in place to help you grow your business exponentially. Take it to the bank.

5.  Reach the World.  Global Potential.

Imagine the feeling  of touching the world with a few strokes on your key board. Hundreds of millions of people who potentially could work with you, buy from you, tell others about you.  Imagine the power you hold in your mind and imagination help others, touch others, and help others help themselves.

It is sometimes hard to grasp. Look at your globe or bring up a picture on your computer. Spin the globe or rotate the photo.  Its staggering.

And its all within your reach with Attraction Marketing.  And it’s not hard.  It’s not easy.

It takes some time.  It takes desire.  It takes heart.  Imagine your dreams coming true.

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