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The Passion of an Entrepreneur: Is It Enough?

  Passion worked for me in my first business venture as a young man.  However the passion was not enough.  I needed help and found it.  What do you think about entrepreneurial passion?  What has worked for you?  Where were…
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The Shad-Quack Story

How to take an idea from concept to profitability.  The “Shad-Quack” Story   Entrepreneurship has always fascinated me-especially when the opportunity/ idea works out. The Shad Quack worked out.   In the mid 1980’s A fishing lure series , made…
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Adversity To Prosperity

THE STEVE AND ROXANN REE STORY OF PERSEVERANCE   Imagine starting married life, attached to a respirator, paralyzed, and delirious with pain.  That’s exactly how my wife began our life together, just a few weeks after our August 1st Wedding….
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