Success and The Power of Obsession

Last Hunt

A legend in the clay pigeon trick shooting world passed away recently.  A local outdoors show ran a replay of an interview he had given.  He was asked how he got so good.  And he WAS AMAZING!

His answer was obsession.  He said became an obsession and all he wanted to do was practice, practice and practice.  Shooting a shotgun at types of targets became his life.  His passion.

He became the best in the business and made a living preforming trick shot shows.  They were spectacular.

His story of success through obsession reminded me of when I started my first company. Growing the company from nothing was not work because it was my obsession.  My passion.

All day was spent at the business and virtually every evening was spent learning every aspect of the business world.  Marketing.  Finance.  Business law.  Everything I needed to know to make the business successful.

And it worked. Obsession gave me the drive to work diligently. It was not work.

In my late twenties, ( I was 23 when I started my business) I decided to start lifting weights to gain weight and strength. This also became an obsession.

From a starting weight of a skinny 158 pounds, through my obsession, I gained 40 pound of muscle.  At 6’2″, 198 pounds was about right for me.  I was playing 3 sports, basketball, volleyball, and softball.

My capabilities in all three sports improved substantially. My self-confidence improved a lot as well. Obsession worked again.

Of course, the key in both cases, was I wanted the results badly, and I enjoyed the activities needed for success in both the business and the weight lifting. Also both activities resulted in increased financial gains from the business and increased satisfaction from the weight lifting.

If you can find an activity that becomes an obsession, success WILL follow.  Find your passion.  Your dreams will come true.

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The Labs are Mattie (yellow) and Zoe (black)–Mother and daughter. Both are gone.  I miss them.  Brynn, an Ivory Lab is my new companion.  She will be introduced in a future blog.

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