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Welcome from Steve Ree Solutions. As a marketing consultant/strategist, I have the opportunity to associate with many interesting and successful companies throughout the Midwest.

Recently I have been blessed with the opportunity to become (as a consultant) the VP of Corp. Marketing for both the Bug-Bee Hive just south of Paynesville, Mn. and McQuoid’s Inn and Event Center on Lake Mille Lacs. Both are fabulous resorts and both have event centers suitable for groups with different needs.

The Bug-Bee Hive offers 
a fantastic lake setting with quaint cottages as well as huge condos.

A Beautiful Lodge!

A Beautiful Lodge!

McQuoid’s includes great fishing, golf, snowmobiling and ice fishing opportunities.

McQuoid's on Mille Lacs

McQuoid’s on Mille Lacs

Most importantly for your business, their years of experience can insure you and guests are treated with all the care and attention to detail you desire. Both provide lodging for groups small and in the hundreds.

Looking for a venue for a retreat? Looking for a place to hold your seminar. How about your next company wide training session?

Contact me for a jumpstart on your next event. My position with both operations will insure that you get the best return on your event investment.

You also get the benefit from my many years of being the lead coordinator for dozens of large banquets in the Conservation Group arena.

9 Types of Events To Help Grow your Business

1. Mastermind Groups, Networking Groups
2. Open House ( new location, new addition, new product introduction)
3. Christmas Party (Super Bowl,Halloween, Chamber after hours, etc.)
4. Seminar(s) You are the expert, bring in an expert, video with discussion.
5. Recreational Outings (launch fishing, ice fishing, golf, sporting events etc.)
6. Training—Company wide or industry specific. These can be a paid for presentation or have the event sponsored.
7. Lunch and Learn—Feature a topic of interest and cover in depth over a breakfast or lunch at minimal or no charge.
8. Trade Shows/Expos. Reach a large number of prospects in a short amount of time on their terms.
9. Speak at events where your expertise is valued.

1. Sometimes a handshake is worth thousand texts.
2. Immediate accurate feedback when voice tonality and facial expressions are part of the contact.
3. When you plan the event, you set the tone and the agenda.
4. Ability to sell physical products. Sign up prospects for future events/products.
5. Potential to add a substantial number of prospects to your e-mail or regular mailing list.
6. Prospects can test, touch, feel, the product and you.
7. Position yourself as an EXPERT.
8. Align yourself with an industry expert.
9. Keep ahead of the competition.

In future posts, I ll discuss the event types and benefits in detail.


Steve Ree
CEO Steve Ree Solutions

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