How Branding can be like Brandy-ing

DSC02975What the heck is Brandy-ing you ask.  Well Brandy-ing is a slang term for having a few cocktails every day–in other words being addicted.  Which is what every organization should be to BRANDING.

Certainly one of the keys to every business’s long term success, branding needs to be a part of every marketing plan.  It starts from day one, with the look and feel of the company logo and everywhere it ends up. Every piece of the marketing pie needs to be a part of branding.

You have heard this all before, but here is my point.  Your brand needs to become a habit, an addiction.  Whether your organization is just you, a small business, or a billion dollar corporation, every breath of business needs to include your brand as being a part of  your organization.  Branding has to be everywhere. It has to be top of mind all the time.

At age 23, I started my first manufacturing company with $500.00  and a dream. Within a few years Jennings Decoy Company had become a name the buyers in the industry knew and sought out.  Sales come easy when the customers come to you. They know what expect.  The same quality every time.  The same service every time.  And the TRUST that comes with creating a name.  A “Branded” name.

Become addicted to branding.  It will increase your sales and decrease your marketing costs.  Most of all you will have the satisfaction of people knowing and respecting you,  your name and reputation.


  1. Amy Hagerup

    I never heard this particular analogy before, Steve. But I agree with you that we have to brand ourselves and we need to have that thought in mind with all our marketing. I like the analogy to make it an “addiction” because that really puts it into perspective. Thanks, Amy

    1. Steve Reesteviejree (Post author)

      Thanks Amy. It’s similar to habit but addiction , to me, has a stronger tone.

  2. James Brown

    I like “Brandy-ing”. I’m more of a Rum and Coke, Pinacolada, or “Bud” kind of guy …

    But You hit it square on the head … it is all about branding yourself and or your product.

    Thanks for the post,


  3. Steve Reesteviejree (Post author)

    Thanks Jim. Its worked well for me–especially when I make it a part of everyday.


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