Are Medicinal Mushrooms for you?

The fish bite better when fished for formally.

The fish bite better when fished for formally.

Since starting to take  medicinal mushroom supplements and drinking the low acidic, mushroom coffee my energy level has increased dramatically. I personally feel like I have gained 2 hours of productivity every day.

This may not happen to you. But it might.  And the coffee tastes GREAT! 


READ on for some important information medicinal mushrooms.

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Western Pharmaceuticals  vs Eastern Herbsmedicinal mushrooms

You hear the word edible mushroom and usually you think of that “friend ” who used to eat some back in college.  “They” usually were pretty nappy for a while.”

You may have heard of few tidbits of information on the some of the benefits and that the Asian markets have been utilizing these remarkable herbs for centuries.

Because western medicine is so trained and ingrained with pharmaceuticals, you just have not taken a great interest in these health building and maintaining herbs.  Maybe its time to open your mind.

Atributes in various medicinal mushrooms

*Rich in Polysaccharides

* Source of fiber, protein, B vitamins, vitamin D, and minerals, especially copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium

Medicinal mushrooms are currently being used in the following conditions:

Bronchitis (except bacterial infections) ✴ Asthma Arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries) ✴ Lowers serum cholesterol, triglyceride, B-lipoprotein,

LDL and increases HDL ✴ Neurasthenia (anxiety, fatigue, depression, headache,

insomnia, sleep disorders)

Insomnia Hepatitis Liver damage Diabetes – delays cardiovascular issues ✴ Cancer – in conjunction with chemo / radiation therapy.

Tumor reduction (and prevents their return) ✴ Nausea/loss of appetite ✴ Spleen deficiencies ✴ Aging – restores cellular immune function

GI Tract issues ✴ Cerebral hypoxia regeneration ✴ Altitude sickness Male menopause Prostate hyperplasia ✴ Nephrotic syndrome (kidney disease and body swelling) ✴ Multiple Sclerosis ( via spore injection) ✴ Scleroderma (disease of connecting tissue)

Great written overview of a variety of medicinal mushrooms and their properties.


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